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Cloud storage is getting popular with every passing day all over the word due to many good reasons. It is easy-to-use, free/very cheap, and available round the clock at any physical location on the globe. Many great cloud storage sites are already operating on the domain of cloud business and many new are ready to enter into the marketplace. Existing cloud storage sites are very popular in provisioning of different types of service-plans starting from free of cost to few dollars a month or a little higher. There are many cloud storage sites that are offering very exciting and amazing services to their customers; we are going to figure out top five cloud storage sites in terms of the qualities and features of their services. These sites are given below.


Dropbox is one of the most exciting cloud storage provider sites; it offers highly featured and the best quality services to its heavy user customers. This site offers a free of cost account for with a limit of 2GB data. You can also get 500 additional data by referring one customer to this website. Dropbox also offers a couple of paid plans called ‘Pro’ and ‘Teams’. Pro is offered in three denominations of data slabs i.e. 100GB, 200GB, & 500GB starting from just $9.99 per month. ‘Teams’ package is very useful for small business people with a team of about 5 people. Drop box services can be received by two different ways; you can download the Dropbox folder software and install on your computer or you can directly work by interfacing through web browser. Dropbox software possesses many great features like auto synchronizing of the folders and contents with cloud storage image of data and auto updating of the software versions etc. You can share your all kinds of data like images, docs, photos, video and many more. Www Mcafee Com Activate

Box Box cloud storage site is considered to be one of the most secure website. It offers three different types of service plans. It offers free account with a limit of 5GB data. Its professional accounts are based on 25GB data for $10/month and 50GB data for $20/month. It offers business package with 500GB and unlimited enterprise accounts. Box believes in the principle of ‘Simple and Secure Sharing’. This is very exciting cloud storage site for free as well as paid customers. Www Webroot com safe

Google Drive Google Drive is one of the most exciting cloud storage sites; it is supported by many integrated services of Google Corporation. These integrated services are Google Docs, Google+, and other Google services. It is also important to note that Google drive supports more than 30 different media format that can be run from web browser directly on Google drive platform. Google drive offers a free service up to 5GB of data and can be upgraded to 25GB at very low monthly price of just $2.5. Google drive has strong backing of Google Corporation teams. Www Mcafee Com Activate

Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon is a big traditional name in cloud services; Amazon cloud drive is considered to be one of the best cloud services for music and entertainment. Amazon offers a free of cost account with a limit of 5GB data. You can install Cloud Drive application to upload and manage many types of files, photos, videos, and music MP3 etc. Any music purchased from Amazon stores would automatically be stored to your account. Amazon also offers professional and business plans for its customers. www office com setup

Windows Sky drive This great cloud service is offered by IT giant Microsoft Corporation. It offers amazing features on its free of cost account; the data offered by Windows sky drive is 7GB at no cost. This is huge data that is being offered free of cost under the umbrella of leading technology teams of Microsoft Corporation. Any person having windows live or hotmail account can access this service. This service offers you many options to segregate your data in terms of security folders. You can also protect your data by placing them into private folders. You have an option to publically share your data to anyone on the internet. Users can use all MS office software without paying anything.