Anti-theft System Guide

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Don’t steal the towels again they are traceable through microchips now
The companies have introduced the idea of embedding chips inside the linen or adding electronic tags in the luxury items of the hotels, gyms, spas and recreation centers. The loss of items has made employees unable to recover the damages and to renew the items every month.
According to the hotels report, almost 20 percent of the luxury stock goes missing, and 8 percent is stolen. The anti-theft system towel would not cost much as compared to the standard stuff. The hotel management has to pay a dollar more to buy the RFID items.
It is assumed that stealing towels will save much amount for guests at their house. However , now guests beware, the electronic chips have been introduced to prevent towel theft. The RFID technology have been used to trace all the bathrobes, bathmats, pool towels, duvet covers and banquet linens. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The RFID chips are embedded in all the laundry products and can be detected by an electronic reader. The chips are water and heat proof. The technology has been adopted by various industries and recreation centers to organize the linen inventory. An anti-theft system for hotel helps to locate the whereabouts in the hotel like bed sheets, bathrobes, towels, and bathmats.
The integrated microchips will help to register all the linen in the closet and so the employee gets to know the count and will restock punctually. When the guest keeps the hotel luxury item into their hand bag, the scanner at the entrance of hotel will scan the chip and staff will be alarmed that the hotel thing is leaving the premises. The chips can trace the things up to six feet away.
The anti-theft system for hotels, spas and gyms have noticed a decrease in the linen theft. The application of the towel is also reduced. However the management does not intend to inform the people with the latest tracking chips, but the news goes viral when the recreation systems have implemented the monitoring system to their luxury stuff. The guests are adapting the technology very well.
Do not steal any more linen now otherwise; you will be responsible for the loss.