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Though we all make arduous resolutions at the start of a New Year to get back in shape, most of our plans usually fade out by the time it’s March. Well, motivation wanes and hectic schedules at work get in the way. But sitting at a desk shouldn’t sentence you to hours of inactivity. Take a look at these smart gadgets that are aimed to help you get in shape even when your work demands a lot of chair time. setup

Tao WellShell

Tao WellShell is a small, portable, pocket-sized device that puts isometric exercise in the palm of your hand. A handheld device, Tao looks similar to a computer mouse but has been loaded with feature. These include:

• It coaches you through 50 exercises that are based on the science of applying pressure. • It can be virtually used anywhere – at office, in train, or even on an international flight. • As a constant companion, it lets you keep an easy track of the force exerted, steps walked, and the pattern you sleep. • It also has a built-in heart rate monitor to keep a tab on your heart beats as you workout. • The device can work in your hands as well as between your knees. • The bluetooth-connected app takes you through the exercise while you use the device, telling you to push more or less for optimum result.


Glyder is another fitness device that lives underneath your work desk. Resembling a digital scale, Glyder offers the following feature:

• It has two portable gliding pedals on either side for a motion that is similar to an elliptical machine. • It has a large digital screen on top that displays calories burnt, strides taken, and targets achieved. • An accompanying app stores your workout history, tracks calories burnt and also allows you to adjust resistance levels as well as compete with other users. Www.Avg.Com/Retail


This small exercise device is a rocking foot pedal that has been designed for office and airline travel.

• It is a simple gadget consisting of a footplate sitting atop a base. • It increases blood circulation in your legs, tone your calf muscles, and keep you active even during long hours of work.


Back pain, poor postures, and cycles of discomfort, if that’s how you describe your stay in office, then this connected seat cushion is just what you need.

• It constantly monitors your sitting habits, posture, and heart rate. • It reminds you to sit up straight or take standing breaks, in case you have been sitting for long. • It collects data about your postures and gives you customized stretches to ease pain and relax back muscles.

Available for $189, this smart seat cushion is a powerful addition to smart health devices.

So, multitask. Combine your work and workouts and stay in top of your shape.