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Check all the photos on TripAdvisor, as they will give you an accurate idea of the motel, its rooms and features. Rooms with odd numbers face the front of the hotel and 38th street; quieter, even numbers face the back, overlooking the (limited) parking and rooftops, and give a view into the distance. Away from the elevators lifts, rooms x02 are at the very end of the corridor, face the back, and also are farthest from the elevated Gowanus expressway.

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My 8th grade English teacher wouldn't let us get up to sharpen our pencil, to grab a tissue or go to the bathroom. She expected us to bring paper towels and know we were gonna need them and you couldn't throw them away until the end of the period. You were expected to come with sharpened pencils but god forbid you didn't you had to raise your hand and ask her to sharpen your pencil for you and she'd shame you for not working when your pencil is broken.

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