User:Apple Adds another Patent to its Kitty; Comes Up with a Protective Technology for Electronic Devices

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What happens when the screen of your smartphone hits the floor? It breaks or gets cracks. Witnessing cracked or broken screens have been the misery of every smartphone user. Once, the screen gets damaged, the user runs for screen fixing services. The process of cracked and damaged screens and the service centers sounds really painful for many users. But the days are not that far when your smartphone screen will hit the floor, but nothing will happen to its screen. Want to know how? Read here…

Apple has recently patented a technology that aims at protecting smartphones and others devices from breaking as it falls. It is the tendency of glass screens to shatter on the impact that has inspired two Apple employees – Nicholas King and Fletcher Rothkopf, to patent a technology named ‘a protective mechanism for an electronic device’.

As per the patented technology, an electronic device, such as smartphone and tablets could switch to a different position in the mid of the fall to minimize the damage caused by the impact.

How the protective mechanism would protect the screen from damage?

As per the Apple engineers – Nicholas and Fletcher, as an electronic device will fall, the motion sensor incorporated in the device would alert the processor that it is in free fall. The processor on getting the alert would work upon the orientation of the device by calculating the impact area and the damages, and would smartly divert the orientation of the device through a vibration. As the processor changes the orientation of the device, it will throw out a mass such as battery or activate and airfoil that will protect the device’s screen from any damages.

Has the protective technology been materialized or not?

Patenting a technology named ‘protective mechanism of an electronic device’ is definitely something we all as a user will look forward to. But, how far the engineers have succeeded in materializing the invention is not yet cleared. Whether the Apple have succeeded in coming up with a protective mechanism enabled device or not is not yet cleared. But the patent clears one thing that the Apple’s ambitions for smart devices are expansive.

Notably, Apple is very well known in the world of patents. The company has created a lot of patents in order to protect Apple’s design, including the ones for rounded corners, rectangular products, square icons and double-tapping the screen. Many Apple patents also outline the fascinating technologies that the company is working on and is planning to include in its future gadgets.