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Lighting, from on/off/dim controls, light scenes, to protection understanding
Hvac, from easy temperature setbacks to more advanced seasonal detections and adjustments.
Security system, from door and windows to a security that is complete system with digital cameras and very early warning systems
Audio and video, from a single space distribution to whole home audio and video circulation.

More complex feature can be:

Weather station integration for the heating cooling system.
Voice recognition to receive demand.
Mobile integration to create and to receive calls.
Swimming pool or sauna management with heating, filtering and purifying.
Baby room monitoring with noise and motion detection and reporting.

The thought of 'home theater' means several things to many individuals. While some folks are content with a 27-inch color television and a set of stereo speakers, most recognize a front projection system because the most thrilling and home theater experience that is authentic. Unfortunately, it's also probably the most demanding, which is why no more than 5% of consumers actually go all of the real way and install a mini-movie theater within their house.

Thats a pity since a front that is dedicated home entertainment has so many advantages and advantages that its worthy of considering.
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At the time of 2005, the resolution that is highest demonstrated for digital video generation is 33 megapixels (7680 x 4320) at 60 fps ("UHDV"), though it has only been demonstrated in special laboratory settings [1]. The speed that is highest is achieved in commercial and medical high speed digital cameras which can be capable of filming 1024x1024 video at as much as 1 million frames per second (for extremely small amount of time, clearly).

2006 Cordin is the world leader in ultra speed imaging technology that is high.

With regards to the camera system in use frame prices as much as 200 000 000 frames per second are feasible. Very integration that is short and inter frame times are standard. Gated and models that are intensified available. Among other modules Cordin offers Ultra-High Speed Camera systems with 1000 * 1000 Pixel at full frame price in color or white and black . Streak camera systems for scientific applications are developed and available with today's technology.

For high speed applications within the near, center or long wave infrared the Phoenix cameras offer various possibilities. The InGaAs, QWIP and InSb Detectors can acquire images with a framework rate as high as 30 KHz in the wavelength selection of 900 nm to 10 µm.

Many interfaces were created particularly to manage what's needed of uncompressed digital video (at approximately 400 Mbits/s):

Serial Digital Interface
High-Definition Multimedia Interface
Digital Visual Interface
Unified Display Screen