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  J.H. CERILLES STATE COLLEGE - Online Public Access Catalog

Type Call Number Material Author ISBN/ISSN
Book704.9499599101 Filipino Icons, vol. 1-9789715083027
Book634.9 P538 19921992 Phil Forestry Statisticfs-
Book411 T93 20012001 revisyon ng alfabeto at patnubay sa ispeling ng wikang Filipino-9718705686
Book641.813 F55500 soup recipes : an unbeatable collection including winter warmers, oriental boths, spicy, fish chowders and hundreds of classic: chilled, clear, bean and vegetable soup
Book303. 4833 R221 1998A Reader on information and communication technology planning for development-A971574-0162
Book808.85 T711A treasury of the World great speeches-8182522706
BookN/AA tresury of the world-8182522706
Book320.03Advance Learners dictionary of political science-8126104805
Book320.03 A95p 1999Advanced  Learner"s dictioanry of political science
Book630.03 A95 2000Advanced Learner-8126104864
Book633.18 Ad95 1998Advances in hybrid rice technology-971-22-0115-5
Book630 D83 1971Agribusiness Management resource Materials (vol. II): Agribusiness( Asian Case Studies) Part I-
Book631.3 C784 1999Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamental s and Applications-082736854
Book658.57 Ag83 1976Agricultural Research Management, Asia v. 1-
Journals630Agriculture abstracts 2004-1656135x
Book327.1 A22 1987Aide memoire on the Mindanao peace Talks

Book362.1'97024 A465 1995Ambulatory surgery-0834206732
Book630.959 I8 1984An introduction to human ecology research  on agricultural system in southeast asia-0866380620
Book412.01 I8 2006An introduction to language and linguistics-0521612357
Book499.211 B147 2004Ang Bagong Filipino-English Diksyunaryo-9719270845
Book613.2 An561 1999Ang inyong ntri-guide kumainng iba-971-505-046-8
Book301. A71 1999Annual Editions Environment 1999/2000-0072284986
Book301.31 A71 1999Annual Editions Environment 98/99-0697417905
Book309.73 A71 1999Annual editions.social problems 1999/2000-0072285028
Book327.7305 A71 1999Annual editions: Ameican Foreign Policy.1999/2000-0-07-041437-8
Book327.73 A71 1994Annual editions: American foreign Poliy. 1994/1995-1561342386
Book303.44 A71 1999Annual editions: Developing World 1999/2000-0070396787
Book370.5 A71 1999Annual Editions: Educating Exceptional Children, 1999/2000-0070413894
Book370.5 A71 1999Annual Editions: Education, 199/2000-0070398038
Book658.05 2003Annual editions: Geography. 2003/2004-0072838175
Book613.05Annual editions: Health-0070397996
Book155.05 A78 2002Annual editions: Human Development 2002/2003-0072506547
Book331.11 A71 1998Annual editions: Human Resources 1998/1999-0697391841
Book370.19 A71 1999Annual Editions: Multicultural Education 1999/2000-0-07-039824-0
Book658.05 S82 2003Annual editions: Multicultural Education 2003/2004-0072548363
Book658.05 A78 2007Annual editions: social problems. 2006/2007.
Book658.05 2004Annual Editions: World Politics. 2003/2004-0072838191
Book301.1605 A1 1999Annual editions; Mass Media
Book301.435 A71 1998Annual editios: Aging 98/99-0697392961
Book371.33 P94 1973Applications of Learning Technology: progress and Problems-
Book700.599 Ar673 2010Archi (types text)): architecture in the Phil. life-971-814-137-5
Book636..2 A75 1965Artificial Insemination of cattle using extended semen-
Book636.2 A75Artificial Insemination of Cattle using Extended Semen-
Book638.1 A41 2000Asian Bees and Beeleeping: progress of reserch and development...-1578080843
Book371.829 A41 1999Asian- American Education Prospects and Challenges-0-89789-602-5
BookN/AAsisment at Balidasyon ng katanungan sa pinal na Pagsusulit ng Filipino-
Book616.07'5 A872 2007Assessment-1582559392
Book150 A54 2003Atkinson & Hilgrads introduction to psychology-9812437738
BookN/AAtlas of the Philippines and the world for home and office-9710867261
Book631.84 Az64 1989Azolla: its culture, management and utilization in the Philippines-971-110-072-X
Book634.772 B22 2004Banana Production Manual-9712005240
BookFil. 370.6 B292 2010Basic Communication Skills-978-112-103713-7
Book425 B292 2004Basic English  for Nurses
Journals070.4 E88 1987Basic Journalism
Book511 Ac174 2012BASIC MATHEMATICS-978-971-0391-78-3
Book005.4 05 1994Beginning wordperfect 6.0 for DOS-0070703876
Book338.9478 B475 1997Belarus: prices, markets, and enterprise reform.-0821339761
Book364.132 P96 2000Betrayals of the Public Trust: Investigative Reports on Corruption-9718686274
Book174.2 B49Biomedical ethics-0070401268
Book630 B52 1999Biotechnology and Biodiversity in agriculture/forestry-1-886106-99-1
Book610.3 B561 1994Blackwell-1405141719
CDRomN/ABody Atlas - 10 titles DVD set [DVD]-
CDRomN/ABody Atlas -10 titles-
Book580 B657 1995Botany-069703775
Book610.73 B8972 2004Brunner & Suddarth-0781752663
Book610.73 B8972 2008Brunner & Suddarth-9780781759768
Book610.73 B8972 2004Brunner & Suddarth-0781752663
Book610.73 B8972 2008Brunner and Suddarth;s of medical-surgical vol. 1 & 2-9780781759768
Book332.6 B96 2003Business and investment mathematics: textbook-workbook-9717250944
Book658.45 B96Business and professional speaking-007301752
Book519.5 S62Business Statistics-
BookFil. 515 N125 1989Calculus with Analytic Geometry: Business Applications

Book631.3 L22 1986Catalogue of Agricltural machinery inventions and utility models(1976-1985): Land preparation to harvesting, vol. 1-9711201054
Book428 C355 1989Chambers Pocket Guide to Phrasal Verbs-
Book158..128 C43 1998Chicken Soup for the Kid-1558746099
BookXXV,398p.Chicken soup for the Kid-1558746099
Book810.8 C43 1997Chicken soup for the Mothers Soul: 101 Stories to open the hearts and rekindle the spirits of mothers

Book158.12 C43 1996Chicken soup for the Woman-1558744150
Book158.12 c43 1996Chicken Soup for the Woman-1558744150
Book338.9 C441 1997China 2020 sharing rising incomes disparities in China.-0821340751.
Book378.51 C443china: higher education reform-0821340220
Book720 S34Classic Readings in Architecture-
CDRomMapClimate map of the Philippines-
Book530 W38 1977College Physics-9710805916
Book616.'01 C64 1992Color Atlas and Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology-0397512015
Book630.7 C736 1996Commercializing post production technology-9715600034
Book152.4 C646 1991Communication, Cognition and Anxiety-0803940874
Book362.1 C737 2000Community health nursing services in the Department of health Philippines-9719159316
Book320.3 C66 1967Comparative Political sytems: Studies in the Politics of Pre-Industrial Societies-
Book031.02 Enc27 1995Comptons Encyclopedia-0-944262-023
Book303.4834 C138 1998Computer studies: computers in Society-0697393046
Book303.48'33Computers in society:  privacy, ethics, and the internet-0131406604
Book581.4Concepts of Plant Anatomy-978-1-68095-535-4
Book410.20 C767 2001Contemporary Linguistics: an Introduction-0-312-247389
Book630 C74 1998Contract growing: intensifying TNC control in Phil Agri-971-8707-39-5
Book746.97 F844 1995Craft Ideas for Your Home: Pillowmaking-031621676
Book610.73'61 C766Critical care nursing made incredibly easy.-1582552673
BookCrop Protection: Management Approaches-
CDRomN/ACyclops [DVD]-
Book510 2000Discovering Advanced mathematics: As Mathematics-000322502X
Book005.369 D361 1999Discovering microsoft office 2000 premium and professional-
Book630 M46 1997Documentation and Assessment of  a successful coconut production processing and marketing enterprise i visayas-971547117 X
CDRomN/ADrugged: Marijuana, Cocaine [DVD]-
Book380.1 B223 2002E-Commerce: Context and Consequences-0077098579
BookUndergraduate thesisEconomic Roles of Elementary Female teachers in San Miguel District San Miguel Zamboanga del Sur A moderate feminism analysis-
BookN/AEcosystem and Human Well-Being: Our Human Planet-1559633875
BookN/AEcosystems and Human Well-Being: Our Human Planet-1559633861
BookM 170 E 811Education in Values: What, Why, and for Whom
Book371.3078 B523Educational Technology 1-978-971-23-8646-6
Book302Effective Speech Communication-971-08-5947-1
Book371.33Effective Study and Thinking Skills-971420399
Book371.102 E36 2002Effective Teaching  Strategies that accomodate Diverse  Learners-
Book030 En19 2000Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers-0753708973
Book803 E27 1998 V.4Encyclopedia of world literature in the 20th century-
Book372.6 E36English communication arts-
BookThesisEnglish grade performance of Grade VI pupils in selected elem. schools San Pablo Dist.,SP, ZDS, S.Y. 2010 - 2011-
Book428 E36 2004English in a new dimension: a worktext in english plus-9717251134
Book415 E36 2001English Plus-9712329879
Book808.8 R42 1986English Poetry and Pose: 1540-1674:vol. 2  of the Penguin Histoy of Literature-0140177523
Book372.6 E36 1995English skills for college freshmen-9711501007
Book174.2 E37 2003Ethical issues in health care-9715131735
Book004.6 P686 1995Every student-
Book305.0973 C893 2000Experiencing race, class, and gender in United States-0767410033
JournalsN/AEZ MAP Philippines Travel Atlas-9789719210788
Book808.042 F11 1994Fact, Value, Policy Reading and Writing  Arguments-0070198721
Book746.92 F262Fashion Source Poses-9812454411
Book808.1 F313 2014Femi.nest: history and poems of the women in literary arts-978-971-814-213-4
Book677.028 M7 1991Fibers: natures threads-9718693092
Book632.7 F326 2000Field guide discovery -based exercises for Mango IPM-9715600352
Book378.166 F458 2007Field study: experiential learning courses-9716856729
Book499.211321Filipino - English Dictionary-97897103282804
Book499.2115 F477 2006Filipino 1: Sining ng Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino-9789719338628
Book300 T65First National Social Science Congress-
Book631.86 F68 1982Food Fuel, and Fertilizer from organic wastes-
Book302.23 P54 1999From Loren to Marimar: the Philippine Media in the 1990s-971868624X
Book310 F963 2003Fundamental Statistics
Book005.3 U2 1986FX -800 and FX 100 9 Pin deot matrix printer :users guide-
BookGabay sa Negosyo: high value vegetables-0115-7515
Book892 C125 1989Gems in Afro-Asian Literature-9710843869
Book150 S84 1988General Psychology with Values Development Lessons-
Book150 S84 1988General Psychology with values Development Lessons-
Book519.5 G286 1988General Statistics Text/Workbook-9710842226
Book519.5 S51 1988General Statistics: Text/ Workbook-9710842226
Book575.10724 G286 2000Genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms in agriculture-
Book631.5 G25 1989Getting the people moving: the ADPC Experience-
Book808.8 G51 1998Globe Fearon-0835934586
CDRomglobeGlobe with flag 12"-
Book650.1Go Negosyo: 50 inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs-9789719439240
BookN/AGo Negosyo: Joey Concepcions 55 inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs-9789719439202
Book657 P75 1980Government accounting: a self-instruction approach-
Book50 D54 2001Great Discoveries-
BookFic. 808.82 G81 1965Greek Drama-0553212212
Book031 G89 1998Grolier International Encyclopedia-0-7172-2070-2
BookN/AGuide to Human Body-
Book581.5 G94 1983Guidebook to grassland  Plants: a resource material for Biology Teachers-9711370107
Book808.042 S24Guidelines for Writers: Rhetoric Reader, Handbook-
Book031.02 G94 2010Guiness book of Record-
Book031.02 G94 2003Guiness World Records 2004-085112180
Book031.02 G94 2004Guiness World Records 2005

Book031.02 G94 2011Guiness World Records 2012-9781904994688
Book090 G94 2012Guiness world records 2013-978190499486
Book371.1'99211 G966 2006Guro Mula Tsok Hanggang Internet-
Book617.4 H191 1994Handbook of Patient care in cardiac surgery-0316087793
Book613 H34 1995Health  and Home, volume 36-
Book613 H34 2006Health & Home 2006, vol. 47-
Book613 H347Health and Home-
Book613 H34 2001Health and Home 2001-
BookN/AHealth Home: 2013-07150839
Book632 H416 1996Herbicides in Asian rice: transitionsin weed management.-9712200930
BookHorticulture: Principles and Practices-
BookN/AHow to Hire the Right Person-087425230X
Book392 C61 1980How to make your child a winners-971-08-4686-8
Book160 s34How to think Logically-978 0205 15498
Book633.188 H991 1994Hybrid rice technology: new development and future prospects-971-22-0053-1
Book633.18 H991 1994Hybrid rice technology; new development and futureprospects: selected papers from the IRRC-9712200531
CDRomN/AI witness: the best of Kara David [DVD]-
BookIllustrated Handbook of Food Production ad Safety-
Bookillustrated Handbook of Plant Breeding-
Book638.2 I6 1998Illustrated textbook on sericulture-1578080398
Book631.4 I2 1999Incentives in soil conservation from theory-1578080614
BookFil 796 In2 2004Individual Dual Sports, P. E. 3
Book004 I562 1998Information technology: the breaking wave-0256218471
BookThinsecticidal Property of Tagetos Erecta L. (Marigold) Extract-
BookIntegrated Cattle Nutrition-
Book630 I8 1983Integrating nutrition into the Agriculture curriculum-
Book808.8 I149 1985Interpreting literature-9711103389
Book301.04 I8Intersections: readings in sociology a customized sociology reader-0536715718
Book371.I8 T22 1998Into Teachers-1-884548-22-9
Book005.13'3 1998Introduction to computers - - fortran version
Book610'.285 I58 2006Introduction to computers for healthcare professionals-9789715845472
Book005.13'3 H817 1998Introduction to computers- fortran version-0945261012
Book808 D134 1974Introduction to Literature-
BookIntroduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives-
Book519.5 F315 1987Introduction to Statistics-9710617680
Book070.44 I1 2001Investigating local governments: a manual for reporters-9718686312
Book616.02'4 J66 2005Johns Hopkins symptoms and remedies: the complete housemedical-1933087161
CDRomN/AJose Rizal [DVD]-
Book652.3 K52 1993Keyboarding and applications for use with microcomputers, electronics typewriters and typewriters-0071152555
Book610.73 K849 2002Kozier and Erb"s clinical nursing tecniques from...-9812471782
CDRomchartLaboratory Apparatus Chart-
Book540.78 L111 1990Laboratory assessment build success-
Book579 L111 2007Laboratory manual in microbiology and parasitology for nursing students-9789715845502
Book631.4 L113 2005Laboratory Manual Soil Science 1-
Book631.3 L22 1986Land Preparation to Harvesting-971-12-0105-4
BookthesisLanguage proficiency of the Deans listers of JHCSC Main Campus during the 2nd sem, RY 2011-2012-
BookN/ALeadership Roles and Managment Function in Nursing-
Book328 L524 1992Legislation on Dispute resolution-089707808X
Bookpi1020.76 BG4Librarians-978971584
BookN/ALicensure Examination-
Book371.26 L62 1999Licensure Examination for Teachers: General and Professional Education-971-574-023-5
Book305.26L553 1989Life-Trends: your future for the next 30 years-0380713454
BookN/ALiterature: South Carolina: The American experience-9780133677201
BookM190 T481Logic Made Simple for Filipinos-
Book371.9 M311Managing Children with Special Needs: Learning Disablility, ADHD, Autism-978-971-23-5490-8
BookN/AManaging Knowledge to fuel growth-978142211468
Book616.5 M35 1992Manual of Clinical Problems in Dermatology: with annotated references-0316094250
Book499.2115Manual sa Masinop na Pagsulat-978-971-0497-69-9
Book610.73'678 M419 2007Maternal-child nursing vol. 1 & 2-
Book003.76 M42 1991Mathematica: a system for day mathematics by computer-
Book362.0425 M52 2002Men as caregivers: theory, research, and service implications-0826114725
BookFil. 620.8 H43 1993Microorganism in biotechnology-971-8693-14
Book320.3094 M247 1990Modern politial systems:  Europe-0135953561
BookN/AMomets Years at Giuerny: Beyond Impression-0810981386
Book610 M85 c2004Mosby-9812592784
BookN/AMosbys pocket dictionary od medicine, nursing & health professions-9789812597755
Book361 N213 2005National Service Training Program (NSTP) Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) Literacy Training Service-971-584-428-6
Book610.73076 N435 2007NCLEX-RN 250 new format questions-9780781791625
BookNematode Management in Plants-
BookN/ANew Standard Encyclopedia-0-87392-101-1
Book323.445 N474 1999News in distress: The Southeast  Asian Media in a time of Crisis-9718686223
Book621.815 M814 1998Notes, formula and solved problems in machine design-91-9013-85-0
Book361 N213 2005NSTP Literacy training Service (LTS) Book 1: Basic training module-971584022
Book372.4 N213 2005NSTP- Literacy Training Service (LTS),  Book 2-Day care Instructional Materials-9715844030
Book361 N213 2007NSTP-National Service Training Program-CWTS- Civic Welfare Training Service
Book615.1 D81 2004Nursing 2004 Drug Handbook-1582552428
CDRomN/AOliver Twist [DVD] widescreen-
Book581.01 O4 2007Origins of plant names-81-7035-460-9
Book418.4 C26 2001Pagbasa at pagsulat sa ibat- ibang disiplina-9712330745
BookN/APalkadol Mommy-
Book808..89 F59 1989Parables of the Barrio, vol. II 51-100-
BookN/AParent and Community Engagement-9781606372142
Book820.92 R21 1966Pathways to Philippine Literture in English Anthology with biographical and critical introduction
Book004 P441 2006Peter Norton-0071255125
Book630.7 P538 1982Phil cases on agricultural research management-
Book581..634 P81 1985Phil. Plants (their medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic values)-
BookPhilippine Journal of Social Development, V5-
Book328. 3095 P75 2000Philippine Legislative, 100 years
BookN/APhilosopher and theorist in foundation of education 2: compilation-
Book610.73 P556 2007Phipps medical surgical nursing health and illness perspective, vols. 1 & 2-9789812597953
Book530 Z57 1999Physics: Principles and Problems-0028254740
BookPhysiology of Fungi-
Book641.8'654P486Pillsbury best of the bake off cookies and bars-9780470111383
CDRomN/APlanet Philippines [DVD]-
Book630 P75 1989Policy considerations for structural changes and devlopment in phil.-
Book320.971 P64 1991Politics Canada-0075511010
Book631.3 P84 1986Post-Harvest operations, vol. II-971-12-0106-2
Book630 P846 2007Postharvest management and value addition-8170354544
Book636.5'082 P85 2003Poultry genetic, breeding and biotechnology-0-85199-660-4
Book512.1 P91Pre-algebra: a transition to algebra & geometry-0-07-824771-3
Book808.5 P935 2003Principles of Public Speaking-9812471022
Book338.925 Privatization: Corporate Takeover of Government-
Book633.4 P94 1977Proceedings of the fourth symposiumof the Int-0889361150
BookN/APsychological testing in teh Phils. practice, directions and perspectives-9789710391790
Book362.1 P961 2007Public health nursing in the Philippines-9789719159322
Book362.1 P961 2007Public health nursing/ NLPGN-
Book410 P96 1995Pulitika ng Wika-971-555-097-5
Book371.33'44678 A64Re-framing Literacy-
Book351.3 R22 1999Reading and Practice Tests for Licensure examination for Teachers-
Book398.9 R22 2004Reading Power:Quotes, Passages, Proverbs Verses and Riddles-9716100574
Book306. 44'9599 R228Readings in Phil. Sociolinguistics-971-555-108-4
BookN/ARecent Advances in Marine Technology-157808012-6
BookImc, mapRegion IX map - Zamboanga Peninsula-
BookReproduction in Cattle-
BookGAD centerReview of Womens Studies, Special ussue on Gender Globalization Culture & the economy-
Book630.076 R325 2004Review Questions for PRC Licensure Examination in Agrculture Part- Agricultural Economics & Marketing.-
Book630.076 R325 2004Review Questions for PRC Licensure Examination in Agriculture , Part II- Africulture extensions and communication-
Book630.076 R325 2004Review Questions for PRC Licensure Examination in Agriculture Part III- Animal Science-
Book630.076 R325 2004Review Questions for PRC Licensure Examination in Agriculture Part IV- Crop Protection-
Book630.076 R325 2004Review Questions for PRC Licensure Examination in Agriculture Part VI-Soil Science-
Book630.076 R325 2004Review Questions for PRC Liensure Examination in Agriculture- Part V- Crop Science-
Book633.18'9754 R5 2007Rice black bugs: taxonomy, ecology and management of invasive species-9789081395
Book633.182 R446 2000Rice breeding and genetics: research priorities and challenge-157808086-X
Book633.182 R446 2000Rice breeding and genetics: research priorities and challenge-157808086-X
Book633.18 R489 1983Rice production manual Philippines-
Book808.81 R35 1998Rio Alma Una Kong Milenyum: 1982-1983-9715421814
Book031.02 R458 2008Ripleys Believe it or not! Prepare to be Shocked-9781893951310
CDRomN/ARizal 150 taon ng Pambansang Bayani [DVD]-
Book553.8 R59 1999Rocks, Shells Fossils, Minerals and Gems-1856276996
Book553.8 R59 1995Rocks, Shells, Fossils, Minerals & Gems: The Complete Collectors Companion-1856276996
Book630 S91 1997Save-Farms De la Paz: operationalizing FSR& d in marginal-971878778047
BookM310 Sp43Schaums Outline of Probability and Statistics-
Book641.35 A18 1981Science principles in vegetable growing-9711350157
BookN/AShadow of the Law: A Comic Book on the Writs of Amparo, Habeas Corpus and Habeas Data-
Book300.720 S53 1991Sharing Social Data: Advantages and Challenges-0803940823
CDRomN/ASignos banta ng nagbabagonf taon [DVD]-
Book499.2115 Si65 2003Sining ng Koumunikasyon Pangkolehiyo Filipino 1-9712338371
Book372.6 Si65 1986Sining ng pakikipagtalastasan-9710831461
Book338.94373 S55 1998Slovak Republic: a strategy for growth and European integration.-0821342118
Book636.089 S18 1987Small animal medical diagnosis-9711105101
BookSmall Scale Broiler-
Book362.6'0973 S63 2003Social work and health care in an aging society: education, policy, practice, and research-0826115438
BookThSocio Democratic Profile of Subanen peole an selected Barangays in the Municipality of San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur-
BookN/ASociology in the Philippine setting: A modular approach-
Book671.45 S34 1994Soil and Water conservation and magement (SWCM) : A training Manual-9715470343
Book631.4 S91 1993Soil and Water conservation energy-9711109565
Book631.4Soil Science-
Book302.2 B23 1972Speech Improvement for More Effective Communication-
Book423 Sp32 2002Spelling Grammar & Usage-1842052713
Book808.813 B63 1997Spotlight on Literature: Silver level-0021810125
BookN/ASprings of Hope-
Book631.41 S24 1980Standard methods of analysis for soil, plant tissue, water and fertilizer
Book070.32 St11 2003Staying alive: journalism is a dangerous profession-
Book371.71 St94 2000Student Teahing Handbook-9712328457
Book428 St91 2004Study and thinking skills in english-9717251150
Book530 K182 1995Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants-0582226295
Book302 F499 2004Taking sides: clashing views on Controversial social issues-0072933135
Book635.9 T212 1999Taylor-0395873347
Book808.0666 H65 2002Technical writing basic;  a guide CIP to style and form-0130291544
Book001 T237 2005Tell me Everything-0753710811
Book030 W893 1990The 1990 World Bank year book-0776604906
Book030 T918 2011The 21st Century Webster-
Book301 A2 1995The A- Z Guide to Modern Literary and Cultural Theorists-0133555534
Journals630The agriculture abstracs 2007-1656135x
Journals630The agriculture abstract 2000-1656135x
BookN/AThe Agriculture Abstracts 2004-1656135x
Book709.04 A75The Art Book-9780714864679
Book070.4 E88 1987The Art of Argumentation and Dabate-9710831623
BookN/AThe Asian Journal of Educational Research and Synergy-9772094071006
CDRomN/Athe best of I witness vol. 2 [DVD]-
Book031.02 B48 2003The Big Book of Records
Book320.973 C58 1984The Clash of issues-013135146 X
CDRomFIC C83The Count of Monte Cristo [DVD]-
Book320.1 S92 1964The Dynamics of nationalism: readings in tis meaning and development-
BookN/AThe family health guide-
Book925 F477 1998The Filipino Scientist-9716680279
Book618.92 H195 1984The Harriett lane handbook: a manual for pediatric house officers-0815149239
CDRomchartThe Human Anatomy chart-
Book611 H88 2004The Human Body Atlas-1840135107
Book372.6 M426 1967The Human dialogue: perspective on Communications-
Book005.369 I8The I-sries microsoft office XP, volume 1 expanded-0072539194
Book611 I6 2006The Illustrated Atlas of Human  Anatomy: a collection  of 25 Anatomical Charts of the Human Body-1932922474
BookF H75The liad: the story of Achilles-0451627237
CD-ROM410 B328The Linguitics students  Handbook-978-7486-2758-5
Book899.211 L712 2003The Literatures of the Philippines-9712337405
BookN/AThe Merriam - Webster Dictionary-9780877799306
BookN/AThe Merriam - Webster Thesaurus-978087778507
Book635.65 M924 1995The Mungbean Marketing System in Major Production and Demand Areas in the Philippines-
Book635.65 M924 1995The Mungbean Marketing System in Major Prouction and Demand Areas in the Philippines-
Book031.02 N273 2008The new book of knowledge-9780717205424
Book503 N55 2006The New book of Poular science, 6 vols.-0717212254
BookN/AThe New Brainworld Dual Dictionary: English - Filipino, Filipino - Filipino with Built-in Thesaurus-9789710325567
Book030.9 W911 1996The new complete medical and health encyclopedia-0894341634
Book030 En363 1995The new encyclopaedia britannica-0852296053
Book499.211 N42 2004The New English -Filipino Dictionary

Book327.071 N42 2000The New International Studies Classroom: active teaching, Active Learning-1555878652
Book423 N42 2003The New International Webster-1582795584
Book499.211203 N42 2003The New Philippines Comprehensive Dictionary (PCD) , 8  Major dialects-9710328026
Book808.042 N821 1993The norton Sampler: Short Essays for composition-039395739-X
Book005.1 P31The PC operations guide: to the 16 bit PC . . .-
Book615 P569The PDR family guide to over-the-counter drugs-034541716x
Book636.2 P538 2003The Philippines recommends for Carabao Poduction-9172005089
Book674 P538 1977The Philippines recommends for Dipterocarps 1977: I. Lumber-
Book674 P538 1979The philippines recommends for dipterocarps 1979: II. Veneer and plywood-
Book633.202 P538f 2001The Philippines recommends for Forage and Pasture Crops-9712004783
Book636The Philippines recommends for livestock feed formulation-
Book636.085 P538 2003The Philippines recommends for Livestock Feed Formulation-9712004759
Book635.9 P538o 1994The Philippines recommends for Orchids-9712003353
Book923.1The Phillipine Presidents and Other nation Builders-
Book635.653 P538 1975The Philppines recommends for vegetable crops 1975-9710803115
Book633.71 P538 1979The Phils recommends for Tobacco 1979-
Book636.293 P538 1978The Phils. Recommends for carabao productions 1978-
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