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  J.H. CERILLES STATE COLLEGE - Online Public Access Catalog

Type Call Number Material Author ISBN/ISSN
BookN/A(Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Reserve Management)-1589062604
Book306.854 M951A Decent Place to Live Urban Poor Asia-
Book780.9 G91A History of Western Music-
Book330.0321 L427A Lexicon of Economics-
Book808.0427 A Reader for Developing Writers-
Book370.96 R321 2010A Reviewer in Gen. Ed., Prof., Ed. and BEED Content Courses-971-685-710-8
BookM 651.3 S81Administrative  Assistants
Book333.3 A81Agrarian reform Words and Phrase-
Book608 P 888all about Famous Investors and their Inventions-
Book610.9 D568All About Great Medical Discoveries-
Book810F39American Literature-
Book339.8F311An Introduction to Economics
Book306.44 W265An Introduction to Sociolinguistical-
Book664.08 01Animal by- Product Processing-
Book364.36 An 615Annual Editions: Juvenile Delinquency and Justice-
Book658.05 An615Annual Editions: The Family-
Book641.1 A46Applied Culinary Arts-
BookApplied English grammar and composition-
Book620.8 A51Applied Plant Biotechnology-
Book810 A75Articles of American Literature-
Book821.04 A75 As I Walked into one Evening: A Book of Ballads--
Periodical-Batangas Veggie Farmers go for Ready-to-plant Seedlings-
Book646.7 V83Beauty and Fitness-
Periodical-Beekeeping Series: part 4-
BookBeneath the Mask.-
Book820.7 H243Best Selling Chapters-
Book794.3 C188Book of Darts-
BookM153 H 942Business Ethics: policies and Persons-
Periodical-Cacao Farm establishment.-
BookM158.128 C43Chicken for the Kids Soul-
BookM305.231 B464Child Development -
Book745 T71Chinese Art-
Book712.6 K 25 991Colour your Garden : A Portfolio of Intensive planning Schemes-
Book302.224 K811Communication Skills for College Students-
BookComprehensive mathematics--
Book303.483 A64Computers and Society Impact!-
BookM160 H965Concise Introduction to Logic-
BookM796.092 R95Contribution of Women Sports-
Book707.210 C74Creative Writing and Art History-
Bookm 344.07 F563Decentralization of Education: Legal issues-
BookM 305.8 A41Decisions on the uplands-
BookM 155.2 B34 Developing Character and Social Relations-
BookM 302.2 A67Developing Skills in Speech English-
Bookdictionary of veterinary science-
BookDisaster Readiness and Risk Reduction-
BookLocal Call NumberDistributed Systems-ISBN/ISSN
Book745.92 L46Dressed Flowers-
BookDressmaking technical-vocational-livelihood track: home economics strand-
Book338.9 m839Dynamics and Developments: The Philippine Perspective-
BookM372.21 A614Early Childhood and Elementary Literacy: Manual Editions-
Book330 M134Economics-
BookEducational Research Writing: made easy-
BookM 302.346 F663Effective Speech Communication-
Book808.042 E35Effective Writing: A Practical Grammar Review-
Book651.74 ob6English for Business-
Book820.9 G89English Literature-
BookM332.6 E78Essentials of Investments-
Book338.6 W325Ethics Entrepreneur-
Book813.6 F684Everything is Illuminated-
Book305.0973C893Experiencing Race, Class, and gender in the US-
BookM 306.874 G797Fatherhood in America: A History-
Book813.010 F44Fiction: An Introduction to the Short Story-
Book-Filipino sa Piling Larangan: Sining-978-971-4676-39-3
Book808.3 H 429Filipino Stories For Filipino Children-
BookM 170 G582Filipino Values Revisited-
BookFood Processing: Advanced-
Book658.1512 F74Forty-Fourth Annual Report-
BookM 160 P65 Fundamentals of Logic-
Book330 L91fundamentals of Socialist Political Economy-
Book780.7 S76General Music Education-
BookM301 C794General Sociology Focus on the Philippines-
Book338.954 K37Global Competition, Institutions, and the East- Asian Ascendancy-
BookGuiness World  Record 2015-978-1-908843-62-3
Book796 A56Gymnastics for Girls-
BookHealth and Home: the 2017 book-
Periodical-healthy Soil for Healthy Plants and Healthy Farmers.--
BookIllustrated Handbook of Crop Production-
CD-ROM100.999 '03Infolib Systems-12345678901234
Book338.04 C157Innovative Entrepreneurship: The Philippine Perspective-
BookM 808.0499211 S8Interacktibong Modyul sa Filipino  2-
Book333.91 I8 International Issues in Agrarian Reform-
Bookintimate Relationships, Marriages and Families-
BookKWF Manuwal sa MAsinop na pagsulat-
Book712 I4Landscaping Principles and Practices-
BookLeadership and management in the arts-
Book370.76 C738m 2014LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and (TOS) Gen. Ed-Mathematics V3.-9716857733
Book370.76 L567S4 2014LET Comprehensive Reviewer NCBTS and (TOS) Specialization Tech. Livelihood Educ. V.4-971-685-774-0
Book370.76 C738p 2011LET Comprehensive Reviewer NCBTS and TOS Specialization Prof. Educ.-971-685-726-9
Book370.79C738g 2011LET Comprehensive Reviewer NCBTS and TOS, Gen. Educ. BEED & BSED-971-685-725-2
Book370.76 L567p2LET Comprehensive Reviewer NCBTS and TOS, Prof. Educ. Assessment V. 2-971-685-769-5
BookM 305.26 L 553Life Trends: your Future for the Nest 20 Years
BookM160 F847Logic-
Book339 K824Macroeconomics-
Book780 L22Making Music your own Teaches: Teachers Editions, Book 6-
BookM 308.1 G 586Marketing Principles and their application in Global Perspective-
BookM306.8 R449Married and Single Life-
BookMathematics in the modern world with DVD-
Book338.1 N821McGraw-Hill Series in Agricultural Economics-
Dictionary610.3 M468 2000Medical Dictionary-1855349485
Book302.23 N145Megatrends: The Future of Filino Children-
Book338.9 M66 Mindanao 2000 Development Framework Plan: Gateway to Oppotunities-
Book780 S29Music and You-
Book780.237 B292Music Business Handbook-
Book780.7 G51Music for The Classroom Teachers-
Book784.19 R35Musical Instruments Then and Now-
Book796.48 B85Olympic Dreams--
Book372.4 Su725 1978One thing at once-0-201-40867-8
BookOrganic Agiculture Production: Intermediate-
BookOrganic Farming and Food Production-
BookOrganization and Management-
Book651.53V24Organizing the Fiels and Files of Your Life-
Book745.5 M575People who make Things-
BookM155.2 S 21Personality and Human Relations-
BookM 155.2 A948Personality Development and Human Relation-
BookPest Management: Intermediate-
Book301.35 V237Philippine Community Life-
Book792.8 A56Philippine Folk Dances-
BookM 959.9 C166Philippine History-
Book336.2 C32Philippine Income Taxation, Book 1-
BookPhilippine Journal of Social Development, V3-
BookPhilippine Journal of Social Development, V4-
BookPhilippine Journal of Social Development, V6-
Book336 R66Philippine Public Finance-
Book306.09599 P 552Philippine Social History: Global Trade and local Transformations-
BookM770.9 F36Picture: A Short History of Photography, The Movies, Videotape-
Book809.926 T61Pillin ang Buhay-
Book746.97 F844Pillow Making-
Book704.942 K857Portraits in Words-
Book324.65 L22Post-Marcos Politics: A Geographical and Statistical Analysis of the 1992 Presidential Election-
BookPractical Qualitative Research writing -
Book333.3 N72Principles of Agrarian Reform-
Book33.3 N72Principles of Agrarian Reform Cooperative and Taxation-
Book371.332 d418principles of teaching  1-978-971-23-7121-9
Book752 H618Print and Color-
BookPsychological Statistics-
BookM 153.9 A15Psychological Testing-
Book-Rabbit Farming Part 2. Art and Agriculture-
PeriodicalRabbit Production-
PeriodicalRabbit Production-
Book333.73 B52Rethinking Research on land Degradation in Developing Countries-
Book808.043 D613Retorikang Filipino-
Book808 C26Retorikang Pangkolehiyo-
Book364.1323Robbed: an Investigation of corruption in Philippine Education-
Book338.950S38Scientific Development and Higher Education--
BookM160 T22 Second Thoughts-
Book808.2 M762Selected Plays: Volume Two-
Book338.9 T121Show Cases of Underdevelopment: Fisheries, Forests, and Fruits, Volume 1-
BookM301 G985Sociology and Anthropology-
Book338.92 SiSociology-Economic and Physical Profile: Municipality of San Miguel-
PeriodicalSoil: Our Silent Ally in Food Production.-
Book333.3 S81Source Book on Agrarian Reform-
Periodical-Southern Luzon Rice Farmers Fest and Effective Yield Booster-
Book808.5 B96 1994Speak for Yourself: An Introduction to Public Speaking-0-07-009513-2
Book808.813S7659Spotlight on Literature- Gold Level-
Book808.813 S7656Spotlight on Literature: Bronze Level--
Book333.95 G955Surveys of Fisheries Resources-
Book364 T11 Taking Rides-
Book808.83 A64Tapestries-
Book302.246P114Techniques for effective communication-
Book301A2The A-Z Guide to Modern Literacy  and Cultural Theorists-
Book820.9 A75The Art of Literary Biography-
BookThe arts of effective communication-
PeriodicalThe Beneficial Effect of Rooftop Gardening.-
BookM150 B42 The Best of Psychology-
BookThe Competitive Advantage of Nations-
Bookthe contemporary world with DVD-
BookM158.1 P57The Dumbo Dilemma-
Book808.83 P96The Everlasting Work: A  Novel-
BookM 796.332 M992The First Football Game-
Periodical-The Growing Demand for Culinary Herbs.-
Book700.1 D82The Humanities-
BookThe Indwelling: The Beast takes possession-
BookThe New Philippine Almanac-
Book9001 L53The Pageant of World History-
BookThe Philippine Government and Constitution-
Book338.4 P75The Political Economy-
Book338.9 P75The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy-
Bookm 959.9 C817The roots of  the Filipino Nation, Volume 1-
Book635 B386The Royal Horticultural Society: Essentials Gardening Techniques-
Book808.04 F38The Short handbook for Writers-
Book-The Success that is Agrilink.-
BookM 170 L32The Teaching Values
Book770.9 F214Tools of Communication -
BookUnderstanding the Self  with DVD-
BookM170 A 561Understanding Values-
Book632.5 W394Weed control Handbook volume II recommendation.-
BookM305.52 D668Who Rules America: Power and Politics in the Year 2000-
BookM 158 G681Women in Sexiest Society-
Book428 V711Writing Skills for College Freshmen-
Book133.5 167 2012Your Personal horoscope 2013: Month-by-Month Forecast for Every Sign-978-0-00-79292987-0